we lannisters do have a certain pride.

I chose a half measure when I should have gone all the way. No more half measures.


jesus, take the wheel. now put it in first - no, put the clutch in and - jesus, what the fuck, you said you could drive stick

Gossip Girl had its chance to take the high road. To choose quality. To choose equality. To choose storytelling over fan pandering. To choose something new. To choose something right.

Instead they said it’s okay to forever be who you were in high school. It’s okay to make nothing of yourself other than a wife. It’s okay to endure cruelty, abuse, despair and being treated like dirt because one day he might agree to marry you and it’s true love! It’s okay to insult the intelligence of your viewers by rewriting your own show. It’s okay to make it up as you go long. It’s okay to destroy one of your only main characters with growth and a positive arc into a sociopathic villain. It’s okay to propagate inequality and classism because outsiders should and will never belong! It’s okay to be an overall deplorable person. As long as baby Bass wears a bow-tie, it’s definitely all okay.

—Erin Klingsberg (x)
Georgina Sparks + best quotes

Do you ever feel like your life and everything in it is slowly turning upside down? Like a ship turning over in the ocean.

“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on.”

My Favorite Things Meme | [2/3] Relationships

I bought those tickets the day I saw that YouTube video. I knew we’d need a backup plan. The boat was actually Plan C, the church was Plan B, and Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her.”

It is a strange thing, but when you are dreading something, and would give anything to slow down time, it has a disobliging habit of speeding up.

New outtakes from Sophie Turner's photoshoot for Tatler UK

Favorite Female Characters [4/10] → Galadriel (Lord of the Rings)


Can you make a set of Peralta making that clenched jaw face, like when he’s genuinely upset/disappointed/angry/etc?

breaking bad is the best drama of all time — god (via mysterytrain1989)